The Indian painters were not only resourceful, but ensured that each and everything that they did would reflect the hardships that they have gone through. However, that does not in any way quantify the fact that they have an immense faith in their own artwork, and they continue to showcase that in the canvases. With painters like Amit Ambalal taking the stage for million dollar galleries across the world, you find that they have been able to make a steady presence in India as well. Little by little, the people of India have become appreciative of the quality of Indian paintings.

One of the good things about the Indian paintings is that although they may be steeped in Mythology, they also have a good appreciation for the contemporary lifestyle of people. As with a lot of people that seem to understand Indian paintings, the works of Amit Ambalal has definitely brought tears of joy to a lot of people. These are supplying paintings that are not only good look at, but they represent a certain heritage, culture and tradition as well as gives people a good understanding on the history of India. Of course, all of these are simply through the canvases that he showcases to the world.