With year-end upon us, I decided to prepare for the December holiday rush – and order more business check books now. I really enjoyed the last ones that I ordered, as it almost always became a topic of discussion with my clients, when I pay them with my designer checks. This conversation-starter is always a winner to help in building a good a rapport with new clients. To my absolute delight, I found Checks Unlimited Coupons online that offered some unbelievable discounts – up to 68% off on re-orders and a whopping 75% off on orders from new members!

Now a discount like this is nothing short of impressive. So I decided to take advantage of the Checks Unlimited Coupons offer while it lasted, and found a design with really cute kittens, and decided to order a check book with this design for my personal bank account. When I showed this design to my friend, she just laughed and called me ‘so predictable’, as my friends all know that I am crazy about cats!

I have since discovered that I could have a check book printed with my favorite picture of my own cats – I already know what my next check book is going to look like!