When it comes to the announcements of weddings every girl wants to be her own Cinderella and what is a Cinderella without a Cinderella dress. This is the one day of her life when the girl can feel like the most beautiful women in town with all eyes on her. Quite like dream come true. There are many professional services of wedding dresses in Bankstown that provide for it. You should be well aware of the Industry standards and check out for latest trends and fashions to know at least what suits you the best. Here is a list of some styles of wedding dresses you can check out.

Necklines / Off the Shoulder

The neckline is a design which is simplistic yet effective. Some girls are conservative about design but find a good variety in it. On the other hand you can also go not so traditional with the off shoulder look. It is like a strap around the shoulder which goes up to the waistline.

High Necks

The high neck also has a lot of styled variations such as a mock collar. It is made of silhouettes and as the name suggest is covered up till the neck. Further styling can be done as some dresses are sleeveless and some dresses are full sleeved.


The portrait is a look which has equal cloth up to the neck. It offers a very soft designed scoop from one shoulder to the other. It is not exactly off the shoulder but it rests on an equal level. It makes for a very elegant fairy like look giving you confidence and variation.

Short Length

The short length styles are very popular for wedding dresses in Penrith. They are a variation of the skirt design which is considered more for glamorous looks and can also be customized with a number of designs.

Ball Gown

The ball gown look is the classic Cinderella like puffed up dress which is very popular among the bridal dresses and designs. It suits a more cheerful persona.