Have you ever made the combination of mango and yogurt for smoothie making? Mangoes are mostly liked by the majority of people. This is so because it has great taste and many soft drinks as are also sold with the mango flavor. Mango is also famous for its numerous qualities. It is a rich source of vitamins and you can also call it high-fiber fruit. You will be amazed to know about the fact that various types of anti-oxidants are also present in mango. You can easily add this fruit to smoothies. The best part is that it is easily available everywhere and you can get it whenever you want.

The only thing that you should have is a good smoothie making machine to make some delicious mango smoothies at home. Various types of vitamins, fiber and protein are also present in mangoes. Here we are going to tell you about a wonderful mango recipe.

Ingredients of mango recipe

–    One and quarter cups of apple juice

–    One cup low-fat plain yogurt

–    One cup fresh or frozen strawberries

–    Two cups fresh or frozen mango chunks

Things to know before you proceed

The process of creating this smoothie is really easy and you can prepare it with your own smoothie maker with putting many efforts. But there are few things that you should always remember at the time to preparing this smoothie at home. Never put fruits and other ingredients which are not fresh. The other thing is that in order to blend every ingredient well, you must prepare this smoothie for a good smoothie maker. Otherwise, you will not get the desired taste and texture.


It is always better to start with the liquid base when you are putting material into your smoothie maker. This will give a surety about the smoothness of every material well. So, it is better to put the apple juice in before anything else and then put rest of the ingredients. Serve the smoothie fresh to the best taste.