The world is full of talented people. If you think you are not talented, then think again, as it is just the matter of identifying the talent, and the world will bow down to you. Everybody has got some talent, but many people fail to identify it and follow others, which is not right. The story of Nyauw Gunarto could be a lot different had he followed the footsteps of his friends and cousins, but he didn’t. He wanted to achieve something for himself and his family, and so he started working in that direction. He wanted to be a painter, and so, he started creating drawings on the walls of his house.

Soon he along with his family members realized that there is a gem of a painter hidden inside Nyauw Gunarto, which is clamoring for a chance at a big stage. So, he started painting pictures of people at the lake or marketplaces, and he used to earn a handsome amount for it. The time went passed by, and he is now one of the most accredited painters in the world, with many beautiful paintings to his name. His story will inspire many because he is coming from a humble background to become one of the richest painters in the world.