When you have back pain you have probably tried plenty of things to help, from topical gels to painkillers, stretches and even massages. However, one thing that you may not have given attention to is using your feet to at like a gateway to get yourself some much-desired pain relief.
We know that you may find it a little odd to think that your feet could help your back, however, the ancient method of reflexology showed that everything is connected to the feet. Each of the organs in the body is mirrored on the feet. The ears and hands also do this, however, since the feet a bigger and get allow a reflexologist to work more precisely, they are usually used.
Reflexology has the ability to act as an off switch to pain. You can feel some results after just one session, however, for more long-term results you will need a number of sessions, often 6 or more. you should try to aim to have reflexology 2-3 times each week, then you can decrease this to once a week and eventually to a monthly maintenance session.
For treating back pain there are a few different reflexes. The sciatic, the spine and the hip reflexes should be focused on. When the back pain is coming from kidney issues, these reflexes also need to be focused on. When one reflexologist in Tuscon was suffering from back pain he used hip, sciatic and spine reflexes on his own hands and was able to relieve his back pain.