A recognized package holiday destination, Turkey has recently emerged as one of the most popular new residency spots in the Mediterranean.

Fantastic beaches, excellent scenery, and prices much lower compared to the location’s more recognized land markets, for example, Spain and France, have encouraged huge enthusiasm from home buyers.

Despite a challenging year in 2005, when the country’s property legislation has been re-drafted leaving thousands of property trades suspended for over 6 months, the near future looks exciting.

New golf courses and marinas, larger roads and expanded airports, are contributing into the nation’s allure, while the possibility of EU membership in the not-too-distant-future, also bodes well for those investing in Turkish property.

The rental market is starting to develop at the principal resorts, such as Bodrum, Altinkum, Fethiye, Kalkan, Side, and Alanya, together with short-term and holiday lets arranged through tour operators, direction agents or one of many new rental sites.

Nevertheless, as a word of caution, remember that in an increasingly crowded marketplace, you want to carefully choose your property in order to attain reliable rental returns. Get more information on houses in Turkey via useful links (Also known as “Полезные ссылки” in the Russian language).

So where are Turkish Riviera’s very popular places to purchase?

“We made a decision to get a villa in Fethiye because it’s a suitable town and doesn’t close down in the winter,” says Tim Goodman, who moved out from Newcastle along with his wife Jenny in 2004. “We all love our new life, but it took us a little while to get used to several things, just like the crazy Turkish driving and summertime “

Tim and Jenny have also found it frustrating not to be able to speak to their Turkish neighbors, therefore they recently started language lessons twice a week.

“Turkish men and women are so welcoming and friendly, but we wanted in order to have a conversation,” explains Jenny. “It’s also beneficial to get any simple phrases once you have someone working on the house.”

Belek is currently Turkey’s leading golfing center, with less than 6 international standard courses. A 20-minute driveway from the town of Antalya and airport, the hotel has a long stretch of sand too.