Trying to get that smoky and sexy look that you see in pictures of models and idols, huh? We get you. A lot of us get frustrated about our own physical traits too sometimes, especially when we try something but it does not go the way we wanted it to. Like we said, frustrating. Well, if the times come for desperate measures, we can always save enough money to go get that Eyelid Surgery Houston.

For real though, some people have this effortless view to their eyes sometimes. That smoldering expression of when their eyelids get this heavy look as they look at the camera? Gorgeous. If they add a little bit of eye makeup then it would typically just kill fangirls from all over the world at this point.

Have you ever seen those Kpop men and women? They can brag all they want about the quality of their makeup but it really is different if that Idol really has the lids of godly quality on their side. To put a name just to give an example, just look at V or the one named Kim Taehyung. That look he gives the camera would forever stun his fangirls.

We kind of wonder if that really is natural or if he had undergone surgery to give it a smoky look. We doubt there was some kinda plastic surgery involved, even if South Korea is known for it, but it gets us, ignorant people, to wonder, you know? And how does that kind of thing actually work?

Regardless of its essence or procedure, we cannot deny that its results will vary depending on how successful it went. If the surgeon was good and well known for BEING good at it, then there should be no problem then. But if it was terrible? Well, we can only imagine what that would do to the person.

Anything that has to do with eyes, especially surgery of all things, is kind of delicate. Our eyes are very important if it was not obvious enough. We do not need to explain how these peepers of our do a lot of things for us and how important they are since you are using them right now in order for you to read this.

Yes, it was meta of us to say that but you get the point, right? All of our eyes are needed and it is unfortunate that other people were born without sight. It would be insulting if we will let it be damaged while unfortunate people literally cannot see things even if they want to. For health and integrity reasons, you should just leave your eyelids be.

But for aesthetic purposes, then go ahead. Just know that there is a possibility of it going wrong and you would be left with regret afterward. And you spent a lot of money on it too. What a shame. That is the thing though, we should be happy with what is given to us instead of trying to change.

Changing to be better? That is not so bad. In fact, it can be encouraged too. But to change just to conform to the norm? Nah, no thank you.